Planning Bio in progress!! I am SO not good at things like this but I am giving it a shot!

About Us

I am a Labor & Delivery RN and Jeff is a Firefighter in Savannah where we live. I was raised here but Jeff is a northern boy who puts up with the south and the heat to be be here with me, my daughter, and the furbabies! We have been together for 3 fun filled years!

How we met:

" He saw her across a dark and smokey bar...."  ahh, Jeff's favorite line! Jeff was bartending as a part-time job in a good friend and mines bar in Downtown Savannah, it was St. Patrick's Day and I was Heidi's cheap labor for the drink-fest. We hit it off as friends from the beginning and it slowly turned into something more....then something more...then something more =)

The engagement

It was a beautiful November day. We were wondering around the riverfront waiting for dinner with friends for Heidi's birthday. The sun was setting on the water, there were ships sailing by and suddenly Jeff was on his knee with this beautiful ring!! WOW! What a start to the night!